If we choose to pay attention, and really see, beauty is all around us.


It's in the way the sunlight plays on the ground filtered through the dancing leaves of a tree.  It's in the fresh, new , growing green of grass in spring.  It's in the careful selection, editing and placement of furnishings, color and art in a home.  It supports our lives in such subtle ways, we rarely suspect how.  We strive to create balance and beauty for our clients homes, whether through redesign using existing pieces or readying it for sale.



Repose opened it's doors in 1995, and has been successfully serving clients through full service residential interior design ever since. I'm creating a new chapter of that venture and applying over 20 years direct experience in the field to helping clients optimize their space through careful selection, placement and reuse of their collection of existing pieces.  Staging services are also available, editing and rearranging homes furnishings to increase success of a swift sale.


Betsy Kumor